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Lezam Insurance created our Financial Services Division to provide our customers help with retirement and health planning.

This division is lead by Roy Snarr, LACP, and Jason Fisher, experts in the services provided. Social Security and Medicare are vital parts of your retirement planning. We are happy to provide free consultative reviews to make sure you are utilizing these services to their maximum potential. We also offer life insurance, annuities and disability insurance to help you build a well-rounded retirement strategy.

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    Financial Services Companies Available Through Lezam

    We work for our clients not the financial institutions! We have the ability to work with over 50 of the worlds oldest, most recognized and highly rated financial and insurance companies.

    Retirement Income Planning
    Asset Protection
    Legacy Planning
    Social Security Maximization
    IRA/401K Rollovers
    Roth IRA conversion
    IRA/Roth IRA Transfers
    RMD distribution strategies
    Long Term Care
    Life Insurance
    Living Benefits


    Social Security Review

    There are many questions surrounding how and when you receive your social security benefits. You’ve paid in and earned the benefits – so you need to make sure you are maximizing your returns both for you and a surviving spouse. That’s what we do at Lezam…provide advice on how to best maximize your social security income.

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    Contact us for a comprehensive review and a free social security maximization report. We are one of the only insurance agencies in the U.S. with a specialized Financial Services Division dedicated to helping our clients understand the benefits of Social Security. Best of all, these services are complimentary. Our Financial Services Division representative, Roy Snarr, LACP, is a National Social Security Advisor Certificate Holder.

    Download Social Security Checklist

    We will
    Help You:

    your numbers

    Decide when to
    receive benefits

    Understand the benefits for you and your spouse

    Know survivor benefits available

    Need more information? Contact Roy at roys@lezaminsurance.com

    Medicare Benefits Review

    Medicare can be confusing. You need to know all your options so you don’t overpay and so you can receive maximum benefits from your Medicare. You often need to supplement your Medicare insurance to make sure you are protected when you need it. Lezam Financial Services offers complimentary Medicare reviews to help our customers make sure they are protected and to determine if they need a Medicare Supplement.

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    Need more information?
    Contact our Medicare Advisor, Jason Fisher at jasonf@lezaminsurance.com

    Life Insurance

    Lezam is happy to offer a variety of life insurance products through our Financial Services Division. There are quite a few ways life insurance can benefit you, beyond the obvious payout of death benefits.

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    Need more information?
    Contact our Life Agent, Roy Snarr at roys@lezaminsurance.com

    Benefits Include:

    • Protection of assets from debtors
    • Mortgage protection
    • Estate planning/protection against inheritance taxes
    • Providing funds for education
    • Cash value accumulation for retirement funds
    • Tax-deferred growth

    Life Insurance can be the basis of your retirement and family planning. Starting early is a fantastic idea.
    Please contact us to learn more about life insurance benefits today.


    Life Insurance Companies Available Through Lezam


    An annuity is a long-term investment, usually used for retirement, issued by an insurance company and designed to protect you from the risk of outliving your income. Annuities can grow tax-deferred, and can then be converted into periodic payments that could last a lifetime, carrying you throughout your retirement without ever running dry. That can bring peace of mind! And a fixed annuity can actually prevent losses, regardless of market conditions.

    Annuities are often a centerpiece in a strong retirement plan. Please contact us today to learn about the different types of annuities, how they grow, how they pay out, the advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see if annuities can help you to have a safer, fuller, happier retirement.

    Disability Insurance

    You are more likely to have a disability in your working lifetime than to die earlier in life. This can leave your family without an income, even if you have life insurance. Disability Insurance is often overlooked, but it can be the difference in keeping your lifestyle, your home and your family supported when facing a disability.

    Contact us today to learn about the value of disability insurance, to get a quote, and to see if disability insurance should be a part of your portfolio.

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